Northern Territory 09.07.2020


You will receive a link which will take you to a series of videos of approved OPD activities, with the trainer’s voice-over. The videos will be sent at least two weeks (where possible) prior to the Webinar and we will ask you to watch all the videos prior to the Webinar. We will also send you PDFs via email of the activities, so you will have notes to keep. One week in advance you will receive a link to the Webinar which will be ‘live’ with the trainer managing the event. You will be able to ask questions and contribute to the conversation. The Webinar will be live for two hours on the date and time advertised.

Available subject to C19 restrictions – register your interest –

Exclusively for Ministers of Religion  Activities: 20QT031 Resources for celebrants on the Attorney-Generals department website + 20QT026 Finding your way through the Guidelines + 20QT039 How to use the celebrants self-service portal. Apologies to civil celebrants, these activities have been designed for clergy. $145.00 inc GST