Motivational Manual

One of the secrets to QualTrain’s success in the field of Vocational Education and Training (VET) is that we care about our students. We want you to succeed and make it our mission to help you get there. The QTA Student Motivational Manual is provided to give you some gentle encouragement and study tips along the way. Keep it handy as you complete your training with us; we’ve included pages for notes and a calendar for personal planning; we’ve also explained our Reasonable Adjustment Policy and hope you will take time to consider some of the questions there and let us know if you need any particular adjustments to your training experience.

Reasonable Adjustment Policy.
It is our policy to ensure that all our students and trainers enjoy the benefits of equality and a valuable learning environment. To this end we support the Principles of Assessment which are … validity, reliability, flexibility and fairness.
Our students come from a range of backgrounds and experiences – we embrace those differences as everyone has their unique story to share. We also understand that our students are very different in respect to age, ability, ethnicity and so on. We have a deep respect for diversity, however, sometimes language, physical ability and culture may provide obstacles to learning. We encourage you to write, telephone or email us before you enroll if you feel you will require any particular adjustment to the delivery or assessment during your time with us. Please be assured we will make every effort to achieve the Principles of Assessment and provide you with a valuable learning experience.