CHC41015 Certificate IV in Celebrancy

Celebrant Training – Marriage – Funeral – Civil and Religious Celebrant Training

All persons wishing to be registered as a Marriage Celebrant must achieve CHC41015 Certificate IV in Celebrancy before applying to the Attorney-General’s Department for registration as a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant. Before you enrol for this, or any other course in CHC41015 CIV in Celebrancy, please read the extensive information available on the Attorney-General’s website.
This qualification covers the broad based skills and knowledge that underpin a range of celebrancy roles, as well as addressing specific legislative responsibilities of marriage celebrants and providing a range of electives representing different aspects of celebrancy work. Celebrants may specialise in a range of areas of celebrancy as well as developing skills to manage their own business operations.

What is the Cost? Early-Bird Specials and Payment Arrangements
EARLY BIRD BOOKINGS – Enrol eight weeks prior to the first scheduled classroom day (see timetable) and receive 10% off the course fee!

Example: Full CIV course fee normal price – $2,300.00 with the early bird discount you will pay just $2,070.00.
How does this work?
Register online = $500.00
Balance of $1,570 invoiced in three payments of $523.35 over the duration of the classroom course.
No GST is charged on accredited training.

Payment Arrangements

All charges and refunds are in Australian Dollars (AUD) Students are required to pay a $500.00 deposit when registering for enrolment in a course. This charge constitutes part of the course fee as outlined above. Once the payment is made via eWAY, QualTrain administration will be notified and the registration process will begin. The process requires the student to complete a formal electronic enrolment form. Once the enrolment process is complete, the student will be issued with three invoices over the period of the classroom training, for the remainder of the course fee.

Following formal enrolment, QualTrain will issue login details to QualTrain’s e-learning website. Hard copy learning material will be provided. Students are invited to collect their books from our Maylands Campus Office at any time in advance of the first class.

Course fees must be paid in full before QualTrain will issue the parchment testamur and record of achievement. Please review: Terms & Conditions / Refund Policy

Classroom Dates in Western Australia
Our courses are delivered in a blended format – part self-paced study via QualTrain’s e-learning website and part face-to-face in the classroom. Attendance in the classroom is preceded by self-paced study so enrolment must occur at least four weeks prior to attendance in the classroom.

Early bird fee = $2,070.00.00 (no GST) must enrol by 27 June 2019
Normal advertised fee = $2,300.00 for later enrolments

DATES FOR THE FINAL COURSE IN 2019 FOR CHC41015 CIV IN CELEBRANCY (includes funeral celebrancy units)

Core Module: Saturday 21 + Sunday 22 of September 2019
Mandatory for Marriage Module: Saturday 19 + Sunday 20 October 2019
Mandatory for Marriage Assessment  Sunday 27 October 2019
Funeral Module:: Funeral – Saturday 23 + Sunday 24 November 2019
Funeral Field Tripmidweek TBA

Unless advised otherwise, class times are always 9.15am – 4.30pm

Details of the Qualification
TITLE INCLUDES:  Marriage celebrant; Funeral celebrant; Loss and grief celebrant; Community celebrant; Family celebrant.

CHC41015 Packaging rules
Thirteen units must be selected for this qualification including: * 6 core units *7 elective units
View details of the units of competency here.

In order to attain the qualification CHC41015 Certificate IV in Celebrancy candidates must be assessed as having achieved competency in thirteen units of competency.

QualTrain Australia recommends the following units which are included in our full course.

CORE (no options) six units
CHCCEL001 Develop sustainable celebrancy practice
CHCCEL002 Establish client celebrancy needs
CHCCEL003 Research, design and organise ceremonies
CHCCEL004 Prepare for, present and evaluate ceremonies
CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people
CHCLEG001 Work legally and ethically

MANDATORY FOR MARRIAGE (no options) three units
CHCCEL005 Establish and maintain marriage celebrancy practice
CHCCEL006 Interview clients and plan marriage ceremonies
CHCCEL007 Prepare for, present and evaluate marriage ceremonies

ELECTIVE UNITS (included in full course package)
CHCCCS017 Provide loss and grief support
SIFXIND002 Work effectively in the funeral services industry
CHCCEL008 Plan, present and evaluate funeral and memorial ceremonies
CHCCDE005 – Develop and support relevant community resources

Further options are available but will require a meeting with a QualTrain trainer prior to making the decision about four electives.
Please see the options for all 37 electives within the qualification. Find the details of this qualification here:

Prerequisites for training

There are no formal prerequisites, however, we advise that you will require the following skills in order to complete this course:

  • You should have at least basic knowledge and skills to operate a computer and be able to –
    • download documents in Word and PDF
    • complete documents online
    • scan and email documents
  • You should have an email address (not a work email) that you check regularly as much of the information you will receive will be sent electronically
  • You should have a good command of language and be able to –
    • write grammatically
    • use effective language to communicate clearly
    • use creative writing when composing a ceremony
  • You should have good speaking skills and be able to deliver a speech using –
    • precise, clear diction
    • tonal variety
      • and be able to –
      • project and maintain voice volume
      • control the rate of your speech – not too fast / not too slow

We have developed a simple test, please download and complete this test, if you experience any difficulty with it, please contact us on to discuss how we may be able to assist you: Generic Skills Test

Face-to-Face Delivery of the course
CHC41015 Certificate IV in Celebrancy (includes funeral celebrancy – highly recommended)

The course is delivered as blended online via QualTrain’s e-learning website and face-to-face in the classroom including: six days in the classroom for Core and Elective units for marriage + one day at a wedding venue for assessment of wedding ceremonies. PLUS four Elective units appropriate for Funeral Celebrancy requiring a further two days in the classroom + a fieldtrip + one day for assessment of ceremonies. Access to QualTrain e-learning website + hard copy learning material.

Advantages of study in the classroom: one of the greatest benefits is the sharing of knowledge and experiences whilst learning new skills; learning techniques include role-play, small group work, solving problems, develop strategies to manage situations, Q&As with the trainer.

The self-paced e-learning component: Study online via QualTrain’s e-learning website where you will find structured lessons, instructional videos, interesting articles, prompts to develop research skills and valuable resources.

The total cost for the above package is $2300.00 (no GST)

We do not recommend study of this course by distance education. This option is only available for people who live in rural or remote areas who simply cannot get to the classroom. This means they will study online, self-paced and will be given access to a tutor (email/phone). Please be aware, there is a requirement for participation and performance in nine ceremonies before an audience of a large number of people (audience of 20 recommended for the marriage module. This is very difficult to manage by distance education. The total cost for the above package is $1350.00 (no GST)

Additional days in the classroom are available for those who opt for online learning and then find they would like to attend one or more of the classroom days. This facility is also available for graduates who would like to attend a class to refresh their knowledge. Cost for attendance in the classroom is $165.00 per day (no GST)

Following payment of the deposit (please see below) you will receive an electronic invitation to formally enrol. Once enrolled, students are provided with login details to QualTrain’s e-learning website where they may commence study. Students are provided with hard copy learning resources; students are invited to pop into our Maylands Campus Office to meet QualTrain staff/trainers and collect their books at any time prior to the classroom commencing. The hard copy learning material includes the latest versions of the Marriage Act 1961, Marriage Regulations 2015, Guidelines on the Marriage Act, Learner Workbook – filled with ceremony ideas and templates – a rich resource. We also supply QualTrain’s Motivational Manual to our students, this assists in planning the self-paced learning process and is inspirational for those who may not have studied for some time.

Modes of assessment: tasks include knowledge tests, projects, assignments, reporting, performance and practical demonstration.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of prior learning is an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior
learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine the credit outcomes of an individual
application for credit.’   –    the RPL Meaning as defined by the AQF


If you are extremely experienced in your proposed field of study and believe that you can prove a high level of knowledge and competence in that field, you can have your knowledge assessed, through the RPL process, to provide you with credits against your studies.

The RPL process is lengthy and robust. It involves:

  • An initial discussion with a QualTrain staff member. They will outline the evidence you need to provide for recognition of prior learning.
  • You will be given access to each unit of competency you select for assessment by RPL via QualTrain’s e-learning website.
  • You will be required to provide detailed evidence, demonstrating your competence, in the form of a portfolio of evidence.
  • A follow up assessment session (2 – 3 hours duration) will be held with the assessor to run through your current levels of competence.

Please be aware that, whilst we try to keep the RPL application process as simple as possible, it can sometimes be difficult for you to provide evidence of competence against required units. Due to the strictness of the RPL process, we are unable to provide RPL if evidence is not available. If this is the case, QualTrain will offer ‘gap training’ to substitute the lack of evidence.

Cost for this option will vary according to the amount of gap training applied (no GST):

Registration + initial interview                         $500.00

RPL assessment interview                              $200.00

E-learning access                                           $160.00

Sub total:        $860.00

Gap training via e-learning website where required $35.00 per unit of competency.

Additional RPL assessment interviews charged at $200.00 each.

Tracking Progress and Communication
Prior to commencement of the course, an assessment plan is outlined for each candidate. Some assessments are conducted online via QualTrain’s e-learning website. Students and trainers are able to track progress via this website. In the classroom assessments are conducted for practical elements for example – conducting interviews with marrying couples and the bereaved, performance of ceremonies and so on. Each student is provided with an assessment book at the beginning of each class. The trainer outlines the criteria for assessment very clearly and students can review the criteria for assessment regularly prior to the assessment taking place. Trainer and peer reviews are a regular session in each class. Students may advise the trainer if they do not wish to receive a public review from peers, in which case a private meeting with the trainer can be arranged.

Students maintain regular communication with their peers, trainers and QualTrain administration via a private Facebook page and the student support email and telephone contact – and 1300 185 349.

Time to complete the course
Enrolment period is 12 months, however, the majority of our students complete the training in approximately six months (some less, some more, depending on their commitment to study time and other associated factors).

If the student fails to complete the learning and assessment within 12 months, they will be invited to re-enrol to extend the period. The cost for re-enrolment will be $500.00 (no GST)

In the Classroom
Classroom times are usually 9.15am arrive for a 9.30am start. We aim to finish every day by 4.30pm. We ask students to kindly arrive in good time for the commencement of the lesson. The funeral celebrancy fieldtrip must start at 8.30am in order for the group to have access to staff in the crematorium and in the chapel.
All the practical aspects of the course are conducted in the classroom, including role-play and working together in small groups. We ask our students to enter into the spirit of collaboration, cooperation and mutual respect, which enables all members of the group to interface productively with one another.
The dress-code for class days is ‘casual/comfortable/respectful’ – during the funeral celebrancy fieldtrip, we request you wear respectful/semi-formal wear as you will be visiting a crematorium and chapel (there may well be a funeral at the same time) and visiting a funeral director in a funeral home – for assessment of wedding ceremonies, we hope you will enter into the spirit of the occasion and ‘dress up’.

Refreshments in the classroom:

QualTrain provides tea/coffee/milk/biscuits for morning and afternoon breaks. We ask our students to kindly supply their own lunch (byo or purchase from nearby food outlets) and special items such as soy milk.

Items you must bring to class:

  • the hard copy learning material you have been be given (Marriage Act, Marriage Regulations, Guidelines for the Marriage Act, Learner workbooks)
  • a notebook (referred to as the reflective journal)
  • black pens (please do not bring erasers, correction fluid – you must not complete any documents to be submitted in pencil!)
  • laptops (optional not a requirement unless you prefer to make notes electronically)

What happens if I miss a class?

The classroom learning is extremely important, unless you have enrolled in a distance education package, you are expected to attend each class as outlined in the program. Please see the cancellation clause in the Terms & Conditions. If you miss a class, you will have the option of repeating the class, subject to availability, and providing you book the class within the 12 month period of your registered enrolment. We will do everything we can to assist you, however, if another class is not available, you may complete your study by distance education. Please note the following:

  • If you are booked into a class and then find you are are not able to attend, please give at least 14 days’ notice in writing (email accepted) to QualTrain.
  • If you gives less than 14 days’ notice, QualTrain reserves the right to charge a $165.00 cancellation fee, which will be added to the invoice / unless of course, there are extenuating circumstances, such as illness (to be assessed by the CEO).
  • If you fail to turn up to a booked classroom day, and fail to give notice, unless there are extenuating circumstances (to be assessed by the CEO) you will be charged $165 per day, to repeat that day of the program in the classroom.
QualTrain Trainers
You will find a profile of our trainers on the ‘About Qualtrain’ page. Our trainers have been carefully selected for their extensive knowledge and experience in both training and celebrancy. They are approved by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department to deliver the marriage units within the qualification.
Before you enrol

Please make sure you have reviewed the Attorney-General’s website for the latest news about the application for registration as a Commonwealth Registered Celebrant.

Download the Generic Skills Test

Enrol in CHC41015 Certificate IV in Celebrancy

Before enrolling in this course please read this important information from the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department

Download the Generic Skills Test


Please choose carefully. Once you have enrolled in a QualTrain Australia course, we do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. Please make sure you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions including the Refund Policy before signing. Download the TERMS & CONDITIONS HERE / REFUND POLICY HERE


Security Policy: When purchasing from QualTrain Australia Pty Ltd, card details are transmitted through a secure server using eWAY.  Card data is not hosted by eWAY after processing.