Celebrants Ongoing Professional Development

QualTrain Australia Pty Ltd is an approved provider of OPD for Celebrants 2018-2021


What will OPD cost in 2021?

All prices include GST

Face-to-face, with booklets, certificates of attendance and catered = $195 (some events may vary slightly)

Zoom webinars, access to resources, certificates of attendance = $150

Online OPD, access to resources, certificates of attendance = select your choice of individual OPD activities at $35 per OPD hour which adds up to $140 for four hours of activities. 

Scroll down this page to find the events listed under three icons. Make your selection and click on ‘Enrol Now’.

QualTrain trainers are keen to catch up with old friends and make lots of new ones. We look forward to seeing you soon.



Face-to-face OPD sessions in NSW and Victoria 

Effective immediately, 1st September 2021 until late October, all face-to-face OPD events scheduled in NSW and Victoria for this period will now be presented in the form of webinar via Zoom meetings.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, however the safety of our trainers and clients is of paramount importance. We also offer our sympathy for the difficulties NSW and VIC celebrants are currently suffering due to the serious Covid situation in these two states.


Qualtrain is still conducting face to face classes in locations where it is safe to do so. We continue to provide Zoom webinars + online learning, each offering a four-hour program as the one-hour compulsory activity 2021 is to be accessed via the celebrant portal on AGD website. 

We look forward to seeing you, old friends and new, for your professional development this year.  It could potentially be the last opportunity to connect with others, get your answers, make friends…before OPD changes forever. 

Feeling a little rusty, thanks to Covid? Do you need an update on the legals before you try the online compulsory? How do you get into the portal anyway?

With every OPD booking this year, QualTrain will send you a FREE PDF booklet … ‘How to get into the celebrant portal and access the compulsory activity 2021’.


    Essential Information - Please Read First

    It is essential that celebrants register for OPD using the same name as appears in the Register of Celebrants on the Attorney-General’s website + the correct A number.

    A numbers must be correct, five digits examples: A87654 or A00123. Your name must be entered in upper and lower case with any necessary apostrophes and/or hyphens, examples: Charles Melt or Lee O’Toole or Susan Harris-Brown. EXACTLY AS THE NAME APPEARS ON THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL’S REGISTER OF CELEBRANTS. Check here:

    Failure to do this may result in your being found non-compliant in regard to the OPD obligation because your name and A number were not recognised in the reporting of your attendance.

    Reporting OPD completion to MLCS

    In 2021 all celebrants will be able to upload a copy of their OPD certificate on the portal. Please read this important information.  We will provide a copy of the certificate of completion of OPD compliance to each individual celebrant electronically, once the sign-on sheets have been returned to QualTrain by the trainer at one of our OPD face-to-face events, or for those celebrants who complete their OPD online or by distance education, we will send the certificate once the tests for the activities have been marked. Providers of OPD are also tasked by MLCS to report quarterly to the Department. For example if the OPD event you attended was in the second quarter, the report to MLCS would be sent in the first week of July.

    2021 Approved Activities & the Compulsory Activity

    List of 2021 approved OPD activities – QualTrain

    In 2021 there is a one-hour compulsory activity which each celebrant will access individually via the celebrants portal

    This means that each celebrant will need to complete four hours of elective OPD activities.

    Meet Our OPD Trainers


    From left to right: Karen Faa (QLD), Nathanael Ditchburn (WA), Toni Richards (NSW),
    Susan Winters (NSW), Genevieve Messenger (VIC)
    Second row from left to right: Carmel Markham (WA), Ashley Taylor (WA), Kirk Goodsell (WA), Gary Mooney (NSW), Sally Cant (VIC).

    What a handsome bunch! And each super-talented. We look forward to bringing you their profiles soon.





    Payments, Refunds & Discounts

    Booking online for all OPD activities via eWay
    eWay is an online credit card payment gateway provider, accepting secure payments 24/7.
    Please make sure you enter your email address correctly as you will receive both confirmation of the booking and a card payment receipt via your email.

    All payments for OPD activities include GST

    See QualTrain’s Refund Policy 2021 OPD REFUND POLICY

    Discounts may apply for face-to-face OPD events
    Celebrant associations and networks who have made an arrangement with QualTrain to provide their members with a discount on Face-to-Face OPD events are responsible for informing their members of the unique discount coupon code. Please do not call QualTrain staff to ask for the discount code, we do not know if you are a member of a particular association or network. Please contact your association or network to find out about the code.
    Please note: we only offer discounts on face-to-face events as our online activities and webinars are already very reasonably priced.


    Ready to book your OPD?

    IMPORTANT: Please read all of the important information in all the boxes above prior to booking.

    If you are unsure about any of these points please contact or call 1300 185 349

    IMPORTANT: Please ensure you use the correct spelling of your name exactly as it appears in the Register of Celebrants on the Attorney-General’s website + your correct A number. Spelling your name – please use upper and lower case correctly, add hyphen if necessary, please don’t use commas between names, the A number must have five digits, example: A00627

    Face-to-Face Events
    Webinar + Video Combo

    (Select your location)Attendance at one of our 4 hour face2face OPD sessions combined with this years mandatory test available on your celebrant portal will fulfill the required 5 hours of OPD as per Section 39G of the Marriage Act. Please click on the state or territory you wish to attend your OPD.


    Online via E-learning website This option is available to any celebrant wishing to complete their obligations in the comfort of their own home or office via QualTrain’s e-learning site. The activities range from one to three hours of study time. This year you are required to complete a one hour compulsory activity via the celebrant portal, which leaves four hours of activities to choose and complete from our list. Please click on the icon to purchase your OPD online based on the hours and subject heading. Further information will be automatically sent once QualTrain has received notification of your order.



    WebinarProven highly successful in 2020, the OPD webinar option is an excellent way for celebrants to fulfil their OPD obligations combining self-paced study and a live zoom webinar. Included in the price advertised is the learning material for each activity, a short video linked to each activity to support your learning, as well as a test, which we ask you to complete before participating in a Zoom webinar. Combined with this year’s one-hour Compulsory activity available on your celebrant portal will fulfill the required 5 hours of OPD as per Section 39G of the Marriage Act. Once you have attended the webinar facilitated by one of our qualified trainers, and uploaded your tests to QualTrain you will receive your certificate of completion.