Celebrants Ongoing Professional Development

QualTrain Australia Pty Ltd is an approved provider of OPD for Celebrants 2018-2021

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We have a fabulous team of experienced Celebrant Trainers ready and eager to present stimulating sessions of OPD in every state and territory. Many of you will recognise our trainers as you will have previously met them as OPD trainers for AssentTECS. We are very happy to welcome them to the QualTrain Australia team.

We look forward to providing your selection of face-to-face, online and distance education OPD packages. See our OPD schedule and outline of topics in the boxes below.

Essential Information

It is essential that celebrants register for OPD using the same name as appears in the Register of Celebrants on the Attorney-General’s website + the correct A number.

Failure to to this may result in your being found non-compliant in regard to the OPD obligation because your name and A number were not recognised in the reporting of your attendance.

Description of Approved OPD Activities 2018


Summary of content: The compulsory activity will ensure that marriage celebrants are up-to-date with the changes to the legislation, policy and guidelines following the legislative reforms to provide for marriage equality in Australia. This activity also covers the Conflict of Interest / Benefit to Business Guidelines / Guidelines on Advertising.


Wired for Sound and Performance – 2 hours Delve into the Digital Age by taking a look into the technical equipment used by marriage celebrants to help keep them at the forefront of their business operations. Including: popular apps / P.A equipment / music / etc


Fieldtrip to Identify Correct Funeral Protocols and Procedures – 2 hours This activity is undertaken at a crematorium chapel and cemetery. Knowledge and skills required to develop effective work performance skills– particularly in relation to the celebrant role in connection with the role of funeral industry staff. They will develop effective work relationships and enhanced communication skills when working with funeral industry workers/staff; self-confidence in the role of funeral celebrant with the knowledge of correct procedures in a variety of locations and understand policies which may dispel myths held by prospective clients.


Visit to a Funeral Home – 1 hour This activity is undertaken at a funeral home where the trainer will engage with a funeral director and staff to introduce the celebrants to protocols and procedures for funeral ceremonies held in the funeral home chapel. Celebrants will have the opportunity to see the facilities in the funeral home and discuss important issues with a funeral home staff member.


Choreography of the Ceremony at a Wedding Venue – 3 hours This activity is undertaken at a wedding venue. Celebrants will develop the skills and knowledge required to effectively advise clients in the choreography of the marriage ceremony, particularly in relation to: entry of bridal party, placement of celebrant and wedding party, develop OHS/WHS checklist, work with other professionals (wedding planner, photographer, videographer, venue staff, musicians). Review environmental and aesthetic attributes of the venue. Use equipment effectively (PA, etc.).


Develop Digital Infrastructure for Marketing Purposes – 2 hours Development of celebrant’s online business channels including: website, email, blogs, promotional announcements, social media including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter. Knowing how to classify, structure and sequence content so that it is easy to read or navigate and then upload that content to the celebrant’s online channels, will assist in maximising marketing opportunities.


Document Management – 1 hour Out with old and in with the new! Developing skills and knowledge required to determine and analyse existing and required resources, particularly in regard to ensuring currency of marriage documents, essential record keeping of marriage forms and documents and implementing a document control register.


Celebrant Service Agreement – 1 hour The design of a standard agreement to offer marrying couples who wish to book your services, or, are interested in gaining information about your service. The content of this agreement will of course align with Celebrant’s Code of Practice.


Develop Ceremonies for Love, Life and Loss – 3 hours Research, craft, perform and review a range of ceremonies, other than weddings. Ceremonies will include: Love: including Renewal of Vows / Betrothal (engagement) Life: including Graduation / Coming of Age Loss: including Memorial service / Living Wakes


The Social and Cultural Impact of Same-Sex Marriage for Celebrants – 2 hours The aim of this activity is to introduce the concept of communicating with LGBTQI Community enquiring about the celebrant’s services in regard to marriage. Many celebrants are unsure of how they will deal with this situation. This activity aims to prepare celebrants for the eventuality of working with LGBTQI Community – the initial meeting – preparing resources. This activity will give celebrants the opportunity to discuss the various options regarding promotion of their services to the LGBTQI Community.


Celebrants on Tour! – 3hours The aim of this activity is to provide celebrants with an opportunity to visit a number of ceremony sites in their local area. Celebrants will travel by bus. Each ‘tour’ will target a specific region that our trainers have an intimate knowledge of. For example, an East Brisbane tour may include 3 or 4 sites – Mt Cotton Rainforest Gardens, Wellington Point Reserve, Indigiscapes (a council owned venue) or Macarthur Park Wedding Gardens.This activity will take the celebrant out of the classroom and into their ‘workplace’. Celebrants will investigate each ceremony site with regards to:



  • Work, health and safety issues / public liability insurance considerations
  • Access to the site (older guests, wheel chair, flat or sloping terrain, car parking)
  • What facilities are available (restrooms / seating / shade)
  • Environmental and seasonal considerations (tidal movement, sunset/rise times)
  • Is a permit required
  • What are the access times
  • Any possible specific terms and conditions for a written agreement between Celebrant and Couples, appropriate for each site
  • Where do we go for plan B


Reflect on Your Celebrant Practice – 2 hours Candidates will acquire strategies to create and maintain a learning culture which includes:

  • reflection on their own practice
  • ongoing evaluation of their practice and services they provide
  • actively request and act on feedback received
  • establish strategies to record continuous improvement
  • develop openness to change and diversity


Networking Using Social Media – 1.5 hours Providing celebrants with an overview to networking with celebrants, 3rd party providers and past/future clients with non-obtrusive and ethical social media marketing methods. This activity will include:

  • networking
  • target audience and what networking opportunities are there for celebrants on social media and online marketing channels
  • Which social media networks work best for you (LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Insta)
  • Creating appropriate content (considering ethics) to establish new relationships (post content, points of interest, promotion, celebration)
  • Finding and working within social media groups for better business practice. Who are your friends and what opportunities are there to build stronger industry contacts
  • Promoting and advertising beyond your immediate potential network
  • Tracking trends and developments within the industry
  • Tracking audience and social media success
  • Other opportunities for exposure


How to set up your own blog – 1.5 hours This elective topic enables celebrants to learn how to increase their online presence and communicate with potential couples by setting up a blog (web log).

QT001 – Recommended for Funeral Celebrants

Review communication strategies to identify needs and develop a support plan – 2 hours

QT2017CA 2017 Compulsory Activity to count as 2018 Elective – 2 hours

Meet Our Trainers

From left to right: Karen Faa (QLD), Karen Steele (WA), Melissa Halliday (NSW), Nathanael Ditchburn (WA), Sarah Aird (VIC),
Cheryl Landsberry (QLD) and Toni Richards (NSW). Still to come … Susan Winters (NSW) – seen in the group photo below.


Trainers’ get-together, March 2018                                                                          OPD in Broome with Nathanael, June 2018

QualTrain OPD Fees
QualTrain will deliver OPD activities in the following formats:

Face-to-face events where a five hour program, includes the Compulsory Activity is offered at a scheduled price of

$195.00 including GST.

We provide quality OPD workbooks for each topic, handed to you by our trainer at each face-to-face session. Light refreshments for morning tea and lunch are also provided. OR Online via QualTrain’s inter-active e-learning website – a five hour program delivered electronically, including the Compulsory Activity is offered at a scheduled price of

$165.00 including GST.

I’m afraid we won’t be able to supply your light refreshments (!) but you will receive an electronic version of each of the workbooks for the topics you select. OR Distance education where a five hour program, including the Compulsory Activity is offered at a scheduled price of $155.00 including GST. Your quality OPD workbooks will be posted to you. Please read the next section as you may


Also see the Refund and Privacy Policies

Qualify for a Discount?
Indeed, you may well qualify for a discount!


  • If you are a graduate of QualTrain Australia – yes
  • If you are a member of a Celebrant Association or Network that has made an arrangement with QualTrain – yes
  • If you are a member of a Private Celebrant Group who has made an arrangement with QualTrain – yes

Associations/Networks Affiliated:

  • The Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of Victoria
  • Marriage Celebrants Australia Inc. Est. WA
  • Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of Victoria
  • The Professional Celebrants Association Inc
  • The Civil Celebrants Network Inc
  • North Queensland Celebrants Networking Group
  • Several ‘private’ groups

How will you claim your discount?

The administrator of your association / network / private celebrant group will receive a unique code which they will send to their members. When you receive this code you must use it when enrolling in an OPD event with QualTrain. Our graduates will receive the code by email shortly. For more information about organising a discount for your association / network / private celebrant group – please contact – we’ll look forward to hearing from you and discussing your plans for OPD in 2018.

Payment Arrangements for OPD
Once you have selected the OPD program, you will be directed to a payment portal on this website. Payments may be made in one of the following ways:

  1. Pay online on this website via eWAY. The ‘Pay Now’ button will take you to a payment portal where you will be asked to complete an application form (name / address / A number / any special needs. Security Policy: When purchasing from QualTrain Australia Pty Ltd, card details are transmitted through a secure server using eWAY.  Card data is not hosted by eWAY after processing.
  2. If you prefer not to use the secure payment via eWAY, you may choose to use this manual enrolment form or request an invoice by emailing
  3. If you are attending an OPD program hosted by a Celebrant Association / Network / or Private Celebrant Group, QualTrain will invoice the administrator of that organisation and you will pay them directly – there will be no need to enrol via this website. Please check with your Celebrant Association / Network / or Private Celebrant Group first to ensure the arrangements are in place.

NOTE: if you are claiming a discount, you must include the unique code when processing a payment. Please contact your group administrator for the unique code as we cannot release this information to individuals and we will not make the code available online. Please see the Refund Policy next.

Refund of OPD Fee

QualTrain Australia Pty Ltd Ongoing Professional Development Refund Policy

Ongoing Professional development (OPD) program fees will be refunded in full providing written advice from the celebrant of cancellation is received by QualTrain Australia’s administration at least ten (10) days before the start date of the program.
Email advice will be accepted where five to nine (5 – 9) days’ written advice of cancellation is received, a 50% refund will apply.
Where less than five (5) days’ written advice of cancellation is received, no refund will apply.

In the event that QualTrain Australia needs to cancel or postpone a program, we will contact you at least seven (7) working days prior to the planned commencement date.  You will then be offered a place in another scheduled OPD program or offered a full refund. In accordance with the above information, to advise cancellation of your attendance and request a refund please email or post to P O Box 280, Darlington, WA 6070, or call 08 9299 7770 during office hours 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday (WA time).

Note: All charges and refunds are made in Australian Dollars (AUD).

What time is the OPD event?
Unless otherwise advised, all our OPD events commence at 9.30am sharp – please arrive at least 15 minutes early to be ready to start on time. The five hours of OPD is interrupted by morning tea and light lunch. We always aim to finish by 3.30pm.

Ready to book your 2018 OPD

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you use the correct spelling of your name as it appears in the Register of Celebrants on the Attorney-General’s website + your correct A number.

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