Celebrants Ongoing Professional Development

QualTrain Australia Pty Ltd is an approved provider of OPD for Celebrants 2018-2020

QualTrain offers stimulating and convenient options for completion of your annual OPD requirements. We are a ‘celebrant-focussed’ RTO with no other agenda apart from a dedicated intention to provide the best experience for our celebrants.

Our new Ongoing Professional Development Program is ready – we have some innovative and exciting activities lined up, you can download a description of all the activities by clicking on the dark blue box below ‘Download Description of Approved OPD Activities 2019’

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: There is no Compulsory Activity for 2019. However, each celebrant must select at least one activity marked with a double Asterix ** these activities have been deemed by MLCS to have sufficient legal content for marriage celebrants. We have included one such activity in each of the programmed face-to-face events but if you are booking online or distance education activities, please remember to include one of these ** activities.

Essential Information

It is essential that celebrants register for OPD using the same name as appears in the Register of Celebrants on the Attorney-General’s website + the correct A number.

Failure to to this may result in your being found non-compliant in regard to the OPD obligation because your name and A number were not recognised in the reporting of your attendance.

DOWNLOAD Description of Approved OPD Activities 2019

One click on the title below will open the document

QualTrain – 2019 Activities with 2019 Codes and Descriptors

Meet Our Trainers

From left to right: Karen Faa (QLD), Melissa Halliday (NSW), Nathanael Ditchburn (WA), Sarah Aird (VIC),
Cheryl Landsberry (QLD) and Toni Richards (NSW). Still to come … Susan Winters (NSW) – seen in the group photo below (blue top).


Trainers’ get-together                                                                          OPD in Broome with Nathanael, June 2018

What does OPD cost? Eligible for a discount?

QualTrain delivers OPD activities in the following formats:

Face-to-face scheduled events where a five hour face-to-face program, (note there is no Compulsory Activity in 2019) is offered: price ranges from $177.00 to $195.00 including GST. We provide quality OPD workbooks for each topic, handed to you by our trainer at each face-to-face session. Light refreshments for morning tea and lunch are also provided.

Online via QualTrain’s modern e-learning website OR via Distance Education where the activities are delivered by email in PDF booklets– a five hour program delivered electronically will cost:
One hour activity = $25 / Two hour activity = $50 / Three hour activity = $75 … a total of $125 (including GST) for all five hours.

Private Groups by arrangement. QualTrain is happy to discuss arrangements for private groups of celebrants who wish to undertake a five hour face-to-face program in a venue, date and time of their own choosing. Please request our ‘Policy for Private Groups OPD’ to view the special conditions.

Reserve your own table – small groups of celebrants may wish to attend one of our programmed events and be sure they can sit together – easy! Just advise of the number and names of the people in your group and we’ll reserve a table for you.

Discounts may apply for all QualTrain CIV Graduates and where an arrangement has been made between a celebrant association or network. Once arranged, the relevant organisations will be listed here. We will give a special code to the Association/Network executive and individual celebrants must ask the Association/Network for the code.

Participating Celebrant Associations/Networks:

Payment Arrangements for OPD

Once you have selected the OPD program, you will be directed to a payment portal on this website. Payments may be made in one of the following ways:

  1. Pay online on this website via eWAY. The ‘Pay Now’ button will take you to a payment portal where you will be asked to complete an application form (name / address / A number / any special needs. Security Policy: When purchasing from QualTrain Australia Pty Ltd, card details are transmitted through a secure server using eWAY.  Card data is not hosted by eWAY after processing.
  2. If you prefer not to use the secure payment via eWAY, you may choose to request an invoice by emailing we will then ask you to pay electronically or by cheque/money order.
  3. If you are attending an OPD program hosted by a Celebrant Association / Network / or Private Celebrant Group, QualTrain will invoice the administrator of that organisation and you will pay them directly – there will be no need to enrol via this website. Please check with your Celebrant Association / Network / or Private Celebrant Group first to ensure the arrangements are in place.

NOTE: if you are claiming a discount, you must include the unique code when processing a payment. Please contact your group administrator for the unique code as we cannot release this information to individuals and we will not make the code available online. Please see the Refund Policy next.

Refund of OPD Fee

QualTrain Australia Pty Ltd Ongoing Professional Development Refund Policy

Ongoing Professional development (OPD) program fees will be refunded in full providing written advice from the celebrant of cancellation is received by QualTrain Australia’s administration at least ten (10) days before the start date of the program.
Email advice will be accepted where five to nine (5 – 9) days’ written advice of cancellation is received, a 50% refund will apply.
Where less than five (5) days’ written advice of cancellation is received, no refund will apply.

In the event that QualTrain Australia needs to cancel or postpone a program, we will contact you at least seven (7) working days prior to the planned commencement date.  You will then be offered a place in another scheduled OPD program or offered a full refund. In accordance with the above information, to advise cancellation of your attendance and request a refund please email or post to P O Box 280, Darlington, WA 6070, or call 08 9299 7770 during office hours 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday (WA time).

Note: All charges and refunds are made in Australian Dollars (AUD).

What time is the OPD event?

Unless otherwise advised, all our OPD events commence at 9.30am sharp – please arrive at least 15 minutes early to be ready to start on time. The five hours of OPD is interrupted by morning tea and light lunch. We always aim to finish by 3.30pm.

Ready to book your OPD?

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you use the correct spelling of your name as it appears in the Register of Celebrants on the Attorney-General’s website + your correct A number.

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